Eat & Drink

The Best Moments with the Best Tastes


Angsana Lounge & Wine Bar

Take pleasure in the Angsana Lounge & Wine Bar of the Bellevue Suites Hotel Jakarta, where every element is carefully constructed to deliver you a sanctuary that you can simply escape to and take pleasure in. We invite you to enjoy the atmosphere, the comfy seats, and of course the expertly selected, fine collection of good wines available in the Wine Bar to accentuate and heighten the perfection of your relaxing times. Whether alone or with company, there is no other place you would rather be whenever you desire for a way to treat yourself to an escape that you will love to lose yourself in.

Kedaton Terrace Cafe

Kedaton Terrace Café from Bellevue Suites Hotel Jakarta is the perfect place for you to disengage from the routines of your daily lives and enjoy one of the best hanging out places in a Jakarta Hotel. Located inside the lobby of our luxury Hotel and accentuated by a carefully presented park-like atmosphere designed to make your relaxing moments even more special, personalized, and enjoyable, our Kedaton Terrace Café is a fantastic option to choose whenever you fancy yourself a place where you can hangout and forget all your troubles, complete with good food and drinks to keep you company.


Kedaton Coffee Shop

The best kind of coffee can make even the worst kind of day enjoyable, and the Kedaton Coffee Shop of Bellevue Suites Hotel Jakarta delivers you only the best kind of coffee in your every cup. Take pleasure in the distinctively pleasurable cup of coffee that is the trademark of our coffee shop, and enjoy its every drip as you savor in the luxury and atmosphere of our Hotel—truly the kind of experience that you can always look forward to whenever you wish to relax and you will miss whenever the time has come to move on. Welcome, and enjoy only the best coffee here in Kedaton Coffee Shop!